To honor and celebrate Juneteenth, we are kicking off a campaign to drive voter turnout between now and November 3rd! Our responsibility to democracy is to use our right to vote and to point the country in the direction we each believe most prudent. The importance of voting has been on display in recent weeks. We have witnessed firsthand how much our votes matter, from police and social service reform to Supreme Court rulings, and how deeply the roots of injustice are imbedded in the framework of our nation. In 2020, let’s vote for the equality promised nearly 250 years ago, and then 155 years ago, and again 60 years ago. To request an OK absentee ballot must request at least 7 days in advance must be turned in to arrive by 7PM election day To register to vote in Oklahoma  must be registered 25 days prior to election to participate (10/9/2020 for November) applicants may file as early as 17.5 years of age, but may not vote until 18 Oklahoma election/deadline calendar Oklahoma election issue, candidate and information National voter registration information For more information on your state issues, candidates and elections, visit BallotPedia and search your state.

Eli Harper for SICKY Magazine in “Star Trek“ Photography LU PENG Styling XUXU Hair & Make-Up LUANJIE XIONG

Biz Buckelew for 405 Magazine “A Stylish Spring,” April 2020. Shot by Shevaun Williams Makeup + Hair by Teresa Luz Styling by Philip Ryan

Jade Len in “Much Ado About Denim” for 405 Magazine, March 2020. Shot by Shevaun Williams Hair and makeup by Teresa Luz Styling by Philip Washington

Nicole Moore (portfolio) for Betsy King Shoes Makeup by Chelsey Ann at Salt & Water Hair by Ali Earhart at Salt & Water Production by Cooper House

Jade Len for the cover of iMirage Magazine, in “Rite of Spring,” Shot by Carrie Strong Retouch by Aaron James V Hair and Makeup by Teresa Luz Styling and Art Direction by Philip Ryan

Alex Ford for 405 Magazine shot by Shevaun Williams styling by Jessie Murray and Anna Frost hair and makeup by Alex Ford

PRIM model & actor Camille booked the Luseta Beauty summer 2019 ad campaign.

Models Curtis Ry and Eli Harper for Elegant Magazine, “Other Ones,” July 2019 Photography by Carrie Strong Retouch by Aaron James Velasquez Makeup by Teresa Luz Hair by Adrienne Peters Jewelry by Moth Wing Metal Works

PRIM model Hailey Vivlemore in “Heliotrope” for Bring Me Magazine, July 2019 shot by Carrie Strong styling by Quin Black hairstyling and makeup by Teresa Luz assistant photographer Regan Rosson