How to Become a Model: Submissions

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18 Jun 2015 in Development, Digitals, Mother Agency

Author : philip

How can I get scouted? How can they get in touch with you? What is the best way to be considered for representation? These are questions I am often asked by people who have referrals for PRIM, or through various social media channels. After giving them the instructions I often receive images that are less than flattering to the inquiring model. To give yourself the best shot at an appointment request, and ultimately representation, here are some tips for creating the best submission:

Effort – I know it takes more time than copying/pasting from Instagram, Facebook, etc., but it is important to submit photos that optimize what agencies are looking for. Taking the time out to submit “submission specific” photos also shows genuine interest and desire to work hard.

Lighting – Find indirect lighting near a window or on the shady side of a building or fence. This softer light will allow agencies to see all of your features without any harsh shadows. Use natural light whenever possible as artificial lighting can change the skin tone, which is typically quite unflattering.

Clothing – Wear fitted clothing so the people reviewing your photos can see your silhouette, proportion, how clothes fit you, and your posture. Avoid busy prints, large logos/graphics, and aggressively loud colors like neon hues.

Makeup/Hair – Less is more. Wear concealer where absolutely necessary, because scouts need to see you for you without all the bells and whistles. We can also spot contouring ten miles away. Hair should be up, back and away from the face.

Photos – Provide one full length straight on, one from about the waist up, one or both closeup profiles, and a nice relaxed straight on head shot, no smile, but also not angry. See examples right.

Here are the general requirements for models seeking representation at PRIM:

Age: 13-26
Height: 5’8”-6’0”
– Standard: 30-34” Cups: A-D
– Curve: 34”+ Cups: full B and up
– Standard – 23-26”
– Curve – 26”+
Low Hip (largest circumference around the bum and hip):
– Standard – 33-36”
– Curve – 36”+

Age: Fashion: 16-30, Lifestyle: 30+
Height: 6’-6’3”
Suit: 36R-42L
Shirt: S-L
Waist (about one inch above the navel): 29-32”
Inseam: 31-34”

Submissions can be directed to with “SUBMISSION: First and last name, Age” in the subject field. In the body of the email, please include your name, age, measurements/sizes(as listed above), along with your contact information. All emails will be answered as quickly as possible with either feedback or an appointment request.

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