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When people ask what I do, they follow with: Is that something people do? How did you know that’s what you wanted to do? How did you end up here? The following is the short answer:

I was born in Oklahoma, specifically, Stillwater. I took interest in clothes watching my grandmothers craft everything from slippers to dresses. My focus shifted from clothes to models, as a result of Tim Walker’s work with supermodel Lily Cole, when I found myself wondering, “Who is that girl? How did she get there?”

From there, I researched, I went through magazines to write in names of models that I knew, so I could research the ones I didn’t. I had flashcards with stats, agencies, home countries, etc., for each. After high school, I applied to school in San Francisco to study fashion journalism (and do everything I could to work at an agency).

I spent my early years in SF honing my styling skills as a merchandiser. Then, I overheard a classmate say she was finishing up an internship at an agency in SF. I immediately sent my resume knowing they had a position to fill. Simultaneously, I got a lead about an opportunity in Miami which happened to line up with my spring break so I submitted my resume there and waited. In the same day, I accepted both opportunities and everything changed.

I began working at City Models, as an intern, then assistant, then agent. Not long after starting there, I flew to Miami to work under John Martinez, a runway producer. John then invited me to work in LA, then to my first show in NY, resort 2011 at Oscar de la Renta, where I worked under John alongside top casting directors, stylists, artists and models for the next five years. Eventually, I stepped away from my job as an agent to focus on school and work in other markets.

Working New York Fashion Week, a chance encounter with a pair of well known mother agents chaperoning a fresh faced ingenue through her first season sparked something in me. That was the first time I had seen a mother agency so hands-on. I knew that models needed advocates, guides, and allies in the business and knew in that instant that this is what I wanted to do.

After graduation, I returned to Oklahoma, unsure of exactly what path I would take. I found that my philosophy of business, which is a by-product of my experience, of being a hands-on mother agent, was not represented here. Thusly, in January of 2015, Philip Ryan International Model Management was formed.

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  1. James E. Brewer 1 Dec 2016

    I am interested in lifestyle modeling. I am 42, 6’2″ and very fit. I would appreciate feedback, I haven’t done any modeling since high school so I don’t have headshots as of yet but have an appointment set up for this weekend. Any input would be helpful.

    • philip 1 Dec 2016

      To be considered for representation at PRIM, please follow the instructions on the Contact Us page. No headshots necessary just some very basic snapshots and information is the best place to start.

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