Modeling Industry Standards
Owning a modeling agency in Oklahoma can definitely raise eyebrows. Globally, the industry has a reputation of being populated by scams, bottom feeders and those I refer to as “slippery people.” There are elements of truth to this reputation, but efforts have been made in the last decade to change that reputation and make the industry more transparent with more progress being made each day. After decades of being one of the most under-regulated segments of the entertainment industry, high fashion modeling is slowly but surely getting a much needed overhaul. In the social media age, industry secrecy is waning because people can and will call you out anytime they have a problem. One organization helping to raise the call to action is The Model Alliance. The Model Alliance was formed by a group of former and working models who saw a need for the advocacy of young models. People often forget that many models are, in fact, children. They may not look like children, but they are nonetheless. They are also young, impressionable minds, who are not necessarily in a position to advocate for themselves against the powerful forces that govern their careers. The Model Alliance is doing it […]
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Targeted Model Testing
We’ve all heard it, no matter the industry: “You’re only as good as your last (insert professional accomplishment here).” As a fashion model you are only as good as your last shot. Before booking paid work, an aspiring model completes a series of test shoots to start a portfolio that will showcase their abilities to potential clients or large market agencies. It is ideal for a model to find an agent before starting to build a portfolio, so they may receive direction, guidance and instruction regarding their development. As a mother agent in Oklahoma, it is important to be involved in the testing process.  For me, as involved as possible. I start by shooting each PRIM model myself. When a model is working toward placement in a major market, each image in their book should be a curated, intentional reflection of that goal. For an agent, model or photographer, there is nothing more frustrating than getting photos back that aren’t quite what you had envisioned or realizing a look would have worked better on another model,  especially if something as simple as a bit more communication or observation could have made the difference. Re-shooting anything, if it is even an […]
What is a mother agency?
What is a mother agent? It is a question I have heard more times than I can count, especially having a modeling agency in Oklahoma. I have heard just as many answers. A mother agent is so much more than just an agent. A mother agent provides models with training, knowledge of the fashion, ad, and talent industries, confidence in their ability and counseling about the ups and downs of the industry; in short, their foundation. The most common misconception about modeling is that it is easy. Anyone who has ever modeled will tell you the opposite. Modeling is about storytelling, referencing emotions and conveying them through nothing more than your body and face. On top of all that, the model can’t forget about the product. Oh yeah, the PRODUCT! Whether selling a story, idea, lifestyle, or just a sweater, the product must always be at the forefront of the model’s focus. This all seems to be a lot to keep in mind at once, but the trick is to practice, practice, practice, until the thinking subsides. My favorite part of working with any aspiring model in Oklahoma or elsewhere is trying to figure them out. By getting to know […]
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